3M Half Face Protection mask0

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The 3M ™ maintenance-free mask offers good respiratory protection as a user-friendly complete mask. The new, improved exhalation valve reduces breathing resistance on exhalation, reduces heat and moisture, and thus facilitates breathing, particularly in warm and humid work environments.


The half-face masks have a soft, skin-friendly, silicone-free face seal. The filter class FFA2P3 R D protects against many of the common organic gases, vapors and particles in the industrial environment.



The light, well-balanced design with the integrated, maintenance-free filter elements ensures good visibility
The integrated filter elements are maintenance-free.

The comfortable tire system with adjustable holder offers a reliable fit and adapts to different main shapes and sizes. The filter class FFA2P3 R D protects against organic gases and vapors and particles up to 10 times the limit value (boiling point above 65 degrees Celsius).


Reclosable bag for hygienic storage and transport is included.


Pay attention! Always keep the mask in an air-tight seal bag or container.

This keeps the effect of the activated carbon optimal and you will enjoy the mask for a long time


Color: blue
Filter: class: FFA2P3 R D
Material: Thermoplastic elastomer
Standards: DIN EN 405
Species name: Half face mask