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FEYNLAB® TOUCHLESS – A TIME, MONEY & GLOSS SAVER! TOUCHLESS is a spray-on & rinse-off ceramic sealant. As the name implies, there is no need to wipe on and buff clear like traditional waxes and sealants, minimizing the risk of marring your vehicle’s finish.


FEYNLAB® TOUCHLESS is an easy to use durable, glossy, hydrophobic, and ultra-slick paint and multi-surface protection. After washing your vehicle, simply spray TOUCHLESS on your vehicle’s paint, glass, plastic, rubber, wheels and rinse off. No more wiping on. No more buffing clear.


Utilizing FEYNLAB’S proprietary covalent bonding mechanism, TOUCHLESS forms a continuous ceramic fluoropolymer layer of protection on all your vehicle’s exterior surfaces. This means durable, long-lasting protection from damaging UV rays, bird droppings, industrial fallout, acid rain, hard water spots and other environmental contaminants.


Because TOUCHLESS is not a dispersion of oil in water, there are no surfactants to rinse away. This means unlike competing “touchless” sealants, FEYNLAB® TOUCHLESS does not require copious amounts of water to work. There is no need to “flood” the surface with water nor to use a high pressure washer. Instead, only a slight amount of rinse water, or just enough to wet the cleaned vehicle exterior is needed.


FEYNLAB® TOUCHLESS can be used as a stand-alone product or is an ideal product to top & maintain all ceramic coatings, regardless of brand. Continued use of TOUCHLESS ensures your vehicle will be incredibly easy to clean and will maintain its gloss for years to come.


  • Utilizes covalent bonds for superior durability, providing 3 – 6 months of protection.
  • Forms a continuous ceramic fluoropolymer film of protection.
  • Low slide angle allows water to release, even on flat surfaces.
  • Focus on sheeting rather than beading technology for added durability, self-cleaning and prevention of water spot formation.
  • Easy to clean. Stays clean longer.
  • Excellent UV protection.
  • Use as stand-alone protection or as a topper for ceramic coated vehicles.
  • Perfect complimentary protection layer for any ceramic coated vehicle, no matter the brand.
  • Safe for all vehicle exterior surfaces: paint, plastic, vinyl, rubber, etc.
  • May be applied as a drying aid for additional protection and quick application.
  • When applied to wheels, greatly reduces cleaning time and effort.



3 – 6 Months.


Approved Surfaces:

  • Clear-coated painted surfaces
  • Black textured plastics
  • Headlights & Tail-lights
  • Black piano trim
  • Clear-coated painted wheel rims & calipers
  • Rubber
  • Vinyl
  • Paint Protection Film
  • Glass
  • Chrome
  • Pretty much any exterior vehicle surface


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