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FEYNLAB® BLACK VELVET TIRE SEALANT is a super durable tire protection and shine, meant to keep your tires protected and looking like they were dressed for up to 6 months.


This product is the longest lasting tire protectant for the DIY market offered by FEYNLAB. Expect longer durability than FEYNLAB ALL PURPOSE DRESSING.


FEYNLAB® BLACK VELVET TIRE SEALANT is a revolutionary product for the detailing and DIY markets. We intentionally chose the name “sealant” rather than “dressing” as it is like nothing else on the market in terms of durability and function.


FEYNLAB® BLACK VELVET TIRE SEALANT is a water based quick-drying film that forms a continuous flexible film, much like the plasticizer used in the manufacturing of the tires themselves. This flexible film imparts a finish that is chemically inert against the deleterious effects of harsh weather and driving conditions, ozone, UV and other environmental causes of degradation of the synthetic and natural rubber of the tire.


Unlike most solvent based silicone dressings, that sit on the surface of the tire and inevitably sling from the tire to the vehicle’s bodywork, FEYNLAB® BLACK VELVET TIRE SEALANT’s durable yet inherently flexible latex reacts to form an incredibly adherent micro-coating on the tire’s sidewalls. Our proprietary formulation penetrates the pores of the tire wall and anchors the latex film for crazy durability and a sling-free finish. The black pigmentation contained within the formula leaves tires with a deep rich black look.


FEYNLAB® BLACK VELVET TIRE SEALANT may also be applied in multiple layers to fine tune the desired level of tire gloss. Gloss levels can range from a satin “like new” to a “very shiny” finish, making it one of the most versatile tire products on the market!

Product Features

  • UV & Ozone Degradation Protection
  • Protects from Dry Rot and Cracking
  • Protects from Brake Dust, Dirt & Grime Build-up
  • Easy Maintenance & Cleaning
  • Layerable for Various Degrees of Gloss from “Like New” to “Very Shiny”
  • Solvent & Silicon Free (Body Shop Safe)
  • Sling-Free Formulation
  • Extreme Durability vs the Competition


Durability, Warranty & Specs

With regular maintenance washes, using FEYNLAB® PURE WASH OR FEYNLAB® PURE RINSELESS, you can expect up to 6 months of durability. This will range from 2 – 6 months depending on extreme weather, driving, and cleaning conditions.



  • Black Rubber Tires Only (will stain white lettering or decals)
  • May be used for maintenance over previously applied FEYNLAB® TIRE COATING.




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